Anti-Inflammatory Face Mask
A 100% natural Anti-inflammatory face mask with organic Turmeric, Baobab & Strawberry for oily and problem skin prone to outbreaks

-Real freeze dried & ground Baobab Fruit & Strawberries provide natural antioxidants
-Enriched with organic turmeric powder for its anti-inflammatory properties
-With added Moroccan rhassoul clay for deep cleansing
-Combined with white clay for its natural cleansing & detoxifying properties

The best bit about this mask is that it is very versatile in the way it can be used. You can use tap water, flower water, freshly squeezed juice, warm dairy or plant milk or yoghurt, so you can enjoy a different experience each time. Not only that but your skin would be getting the additional benefits of yoghurt (probiotics), juice (vitamins) or milk (skin soothing). You can even add half a tea spoon of honey or if you are vegan simply use maple syrup or orange blossom nectar! The opportunities are endless...

PLEASE NOTE: turmeric is highly pigmented and can leave an orange tinge on the skin, so it is important that you do wash your face well after using this mark, rinsing with water to remove most of the mask first, then following with a wet (preferably dark coloured) washcloth.

Content : 45 gr

Ingredients: white clay, rhassoul clay, turmeric powder*, baobab fruit powder*, strawberry powder

Anti-inflammatory face mask


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