We’re offering you the opportunity to save 50% and buy 4 pairs of the same size for £20. You'll receive a random selection of colours and all the colours are fab! Our fitted women's high leg knickers are made from super-soft cotton jersey with a little elastane added for comfort and finished with a tiny British Boxers logo label and a contrast trim at the waist. These everyday, kick-ass high leg undies are not only going to make you super gorgeous, they're unbelievably comfortable too. AND there is no bow. Hurray! Why do undies always have that bizarre bow? Anyway…no bow, just really lovely high leg knickers. There are no garish prints or horrendous colours. It helps us sell through our stock, it helps you get a bargain. A win, win! What's not to love?
Choose your size and receive 4 pairs of high leg knickers.
Available in sizes UK 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18
Machine washable 

Copy of Lucky dip! 4 pairs of ladies high leg knickers