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Essential oil burners

Essential oil burners


Traditional Ceramic Fragrancer/Oil Burner These Fragrancers come in 3 distinct styles; Lantern , Oblong, Round.

Safe and secure, they're made with a solid base so that they won't wobble or fall over. read less Each fragrancer has a recess for a tealight candle and a large bowl on the top for you to add water and oils. The oil is gently heated encouraging the release of the aromatherapy qualities and infusing your space with gorgeous aromas and the wonderful health-giving benefits of the essential oils.

Each fragrancer has a pretty floral design which allows the candle light to shine through.If you use them in a darkened room then the pattern of the fragrancer is thrown on to the wall creating a relaxing and gently hypnotic ambience.

To use:

simply half fill the bowl with water then add 6-10 drops of essential oil (depending on the oil - some are much stronger than others and need only 1 drop)

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