We’re offering you the opportunity to save 50% and buy 4 pairs of the same size for £24. Youll receive a random selection of colours and all the colours are fab! Our fitted women's hipster briefs are made from 180g, 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane which creates a wonderfully soft and stretchy fabric thats also hugely supportive right where you need it. They have a comfortable black and white silky soft waistband and all our colours stay true wash after wash, never fading. You'll receive a random selection but they are all the same 180g flat seamed jersey we always use, all beautifully cut and there are no garish prints or horrendous colours. It helps us sell through our stock, it helps you get a bargain. A win, win! What's not to love?
Choose your size and receive 4 pairs of hipster briefs.
95% cotton 5% elastane.
Available in sizes Petite - XXL
for sizing reference. Petite is an 8, Small a 10, medium is a 12, large 14, XL is a 16 and XXL is 18. There’s plenty of elastane in them so they stretch to fit. 

Lucky dip! 4 pairs of ladies hipster briefs