Packed with minerals and vitamin C, our Rhassoul & Strawberry Face Mask is a superb deep cleansing, detoxifying and pore refining skin treatment

Rhassoul (also known as Ghassoul or Rasul) is a mineral rich lava clay found deep under the Atlas Mountains in Morroco. Whilst most clays would draw toxins from under the skin, rhassoul is fantastic at replacing the impurities, excess oils and bacteria with highly valuable and nourishing minerals. Because of this, it is often offered as a skin & hair treatment at spas worldwide.

To make it extra special, we've blended freeze dried strawberries to the mix, which not only smell deliciously fruity, but due to their high vitamin C content, they make the mask go an extra mile and work on refining your skin tone too.

As with all our masks, this is very easy to use, simply mix 1-2 tsp with equal quantity of warm water, leave for 10 minutes, apply to skin, leave on for about 10-15 minutes and rinse off. Optional additions: a drop or two of honey (for acne prone skin) or any available oil (if you have dry skin).

To keep your mask fresher for longer, please make sure the lid is firmly on between applications.

Ingredients: fine Rhassoul powder, freeze dried strawberry powder, white clay.

Rhassoul and Strawberry Mask


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