Moisturising, stress relieving and rejuvenating

A relaxing, strengthening and restoring oil

mature skin types.
The beautifully citrus-floral scent of Neroli is loved by many; its a great oil to use in both masculine and feminine blends if you're thinking of using it in perfumery or bespoke soaps. 
Its uplifting scent makes it a great oil to use if you're in need of an emotional lift; it may help offer strength and its also a lovely oil to use to set eh mood for a romantic evening.
Perhaps most notably is its use in skincare; renowned for its moisturising properties, Neroli is a wonderful addition to skincare products for those with dry or mature skin. 
Pre-diluted to 5% in lovely Grapeseed Oil which is rich in Vitamin E and Fatty Acids. 

Neroli Absolute Diluted 5%