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Fused Glass Puffin

Fused Glass Puffin


Did you know that a group of Puffins is called a circus? Fancy that!

I adore the making process of my puffin and creating all the detail on its face and's a labour of love!

Made from opaque black, white and orange glass, it has enamelled glass details and the most beautiful beak!

Perfect for hanging in your window at home, in the summer house or in your garden.

Every glass item I make is cut and decorated by hand and all of my glassware has been fired and fully annealed in my kiln at my studio in Leek, Staffordshire. Due to the nature of glass, no two puffins ever come out of the kiln exactly the same....totally unique!

  • Good to know:

    Approx glass measurements are 6cm wide x 10cm high and 21cm high overall with the orange ribbon.

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