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Organic Shea and Comfrey Massage Balm

Organic Shea and Comfrey Massage Balm

SKU: 5060499440232

100% pure and natural massage balm with virgin shea butter and organic comfrey olive oil to soothe muscular pains & sprains naturally

 Made with 45% virgin Shea Butter, packed with vitamins A, E & F and Comfrey, a healing herb also known as *knit bone* due to its high content of allantoin, and widely used for healing wounds, bruises, swollen tissue and broken bones
 Absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, colours and artificial additives
 Combining the healing powers of shea butter & comfrey and the anti-inflammatory & analgetic properties of pure essential oils - rosemary, ginger, eucalyptus, black pepper & marjoram, this balm will warm and relax your muscles, and soothe your pains naturally.
 Try it on tired arms, stiff necks and achy knees
 The Shea & Comfrey balm is very rich, but not as greasy as an ointment. It has a similar consistency to our Care Jelly (for those who know it). To use, simply take a small amount and massage onto the affected area until fully absorbed. For best results, cover the area and take a rest. Apply as often as needed. 
 Please keep cool & away from direct sunlight, as warm temperature can make this product melt. Best not ordered during spells of hot weather as we are not able to protect during transit.

I made the shea & comfrey balm a few years ago for my parents, specifically my father who was unable to sleep at night from pains in his knees and a troubling leg sciatica. He was unable to even walk without a full daily does of painkillers in the form of tablets and massage creams. It took about a week for his pains to subside and he has been using the balm daily since. My mum has also benefitted greatly from the balm - for the occasional pains in her arms and back, and so have I, especially in winter when I wake up with a stiff neck. I can only highly recommend it! ... Rossi

60 ml glass jar

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